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Glass Slipper Party Favor - 24 Ct .

Glass Slipper Party Favor3 Star Rating
Glass Slipper Party Favor
Shopping For The Glass Slipper Party

This item is VERY popular! Little kids cherish the lovable as well as huggable Glass Slipper Party Favor - 24 Ct. - a great item made by Darice. A list of features include 3. 5 inches and 24 pieces per package. Part Number 1404-46. Shopping for the glass slipper party . To purchase this product now at the best price, check out the link.

glass slipper party favor adorable perfect

Today's Price: $7.97
Brand: Darice
Model: 1404-46
UPC: 652695559631
Qty: 24

Product Description

This adorable glass slipper is perfect for holding candy or nuts as a party favor. 5 inch, 24 pc/pkg 3.


  • 24 pieces per package
  • 3. 5 inches
  • Pack: 24
  • Package: Height: 3.9" Length: 8.4" Depth: 4"
  • Package Weight: 1 lbs.

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