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Cinderella: Jaq Mini Plush -- 9'' H

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Cinderella Jaq Mini Plush

The child will delight in this Cinderella: Jaq Mini Plush . The EAN-13 barcode aka the "International Article Number", for this is 0412637876628. I do believe you will like that the toy comes along with this feature, detailed plush sculpturing - embroidered features - faux fur tuft. Other highlights consist of polyester and disney exclusive jaq mini plush -- 9" h. Should you need a great deal on this Cinderella toy for your kids, visit the add to cart button.


Model: 1263047791659P
UPS: 412637876628

Who couldn't use a loyal friend to often lend a smile or two? '' This furry little mouse will stir-up fun all by indicates of the house! Our soft-hearted Jaq plush will likely be by your side, just as he was for his beloved ''Cinderelly.


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